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What is a used tractor truck?

If you can only own one car in your life, what would you choose? Many people may choose a cool sports car or even a racing car; some people may choose a car or a pickup truck. Given the conditions that can choose any model, I will choose a used tractor truck. The used tractor truck is equipped with a powerful diesel engine and huge tires. I can drive it everywhere and do anything. Used tractor trucks are truly amazing all-purpose vehicles, but have you ever thought about what makes them so great?

2022 07-11
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Do You Know About Used Tractor Trucks?

Used tractor truck​ is a general large truck or semi-trailer which is pulled by tools between the front and the trunk, that is, the used tractor truck can be separated from the original trunk and pull another trunk, and the trunk of the used tractor truck can also be separated from the original headstock and pulled by another headstock.

2022 07-04
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What Is a Used Dump Truck?

A used dump truck refers to a vehicle that unloads goods by hydraulic or mechanical lifting. It is composed of automobile chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, cargo compartment, and power take-off device. In civil engineering, used dump trucks often work in conjunction with excavators, loaders, belt conveyors, and other engineering machinery to form a loading, transporting, and unloading production line to carry out the loading and unloading of earth, sand, and bulk materials.

2022 06-22
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