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Something About Van Semi-trailers

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Something About Van Semi-trailers

The van semi-trailer is refitted or manufactured separately on the chassis of van type vehicle. According to the different compartments, the van semi-trailer can be divided into van type and compartment type semi-trailer. The passenger compartment and cab are generally of integral structure, such as ambulance, accommodation car, environmental detection car, dining car, TV relay car, etc. Let's introduce the van semi-trailer.

Here is the content list:

  • What are the components of van semi-trailers?

  • What are the characteristics of a van semi-trailer?

  • What is the square parking principle of a van semi-trailer?

What are the components of van semi-trailers?

Van semi-trailer's car and cab are generally of a split structure, such as van-type less than carload truck, refrigerated car and so on. The specific structure of a van semi-trailer car varies according to its function. In addition to the function of the general compartment, the compartment of the refrigerator car has the function of heat insulation; The top cover of the convertible top carriage can be vertically lifted to change the volume of the carriage and meet the loading and unloading requirements of different goods; The wing-type carriage is convenient for loading and unloading of goods and improves loading and unloading efficiency.

What are the characteristics of a van semi-trailer?

Van semi-trailer series products are suitable for the transportation of household appliances, textile goods, coal, sand, and other building materials and chart goods.

1. Van semi-trailer has a strong bearing capacity, high safety factor, reasonable design, durability, and advanced manufacturing technology.

2. The van semi-trailer frame is of the beam through structure, and the longitudinal beam is of straight or gooseneck type. The web height is from 400 to 550, the longitudinal beam adopts automatic submerged welding, the frame adopts shot blasting treatment, and the cross beam penetrates into the longitudinal beam and is welded as a whole.

3. Van structure: Van semi-trailer's car body is made of high strength cold rolled corrugated steel plate, with no skeleton structure, wide center, various choices, large loading space, reasonable distribution in the car body, and X-shaped brace, which has the characteristics of multi pull, heavy load, and lightweight. Van semi-trailer's car roof has closed type, push-pull open type, open type, open type instead of tarpaulin pole type, and so on. It is easy to operate and meets the diversified and personalized requirements of users.

4. It is composed of series leaf spring and suspension support; Reasonable structure, strong rigidity, and hardness used to support a load and reduce impact.

5. Van semi-trailer adopts a closed-side protection design, which can effectively reduce the lateral risk and energy consumption when the vehicle is driving at high speed. The rear protection design has reasonable cart accessories, which are convenient for operation.

What is the square parking principle of a van semi-trailer?

1. Van semi-trailer side by side with adjacent vehicles: confirm that it is about 1 meter away from the adjacent vehicles, confirm that the rear is safe, and then reverse in a straight line. When the rear bumper of the vehicle is side by side, stop to retreat.

2. Turn the steering wheel to the right and back to the target position: turn the steering wheel to the right when the van semi-trailer stops; Release the brake pedal slightly and use the van semi-trailer creep function to reverse. When the left side of the car body reaches the extension line of point a, it stops.

3. Turn the steering wheel to the left to make the tire return to the right and then reverse: when the van semi-trailer is stopped, turn the steering wheel to make the tire return to the right; Reverse slowly and straightly. When the left rear wheel reaches the white line outside the parking space, stop backing.

4. Approach the car to the right: turn the van semi-trailer steering wheel to the left to the full, and slowly retreat; Before the vehicle is parallel to the road shoulder, the turning direction makes the vehicle return to the right position and stop the vehicle at the position parallel to the road shoulder. Be careful not to collide with the rear vehicle.

Today, the van semi-trailer business has been fully popularized. And the use range is wider. So how should we choose the right van semi-trailer? Qingdao Feudor International Trade Co., Ltd. conducts a large number of safety tests on van semi-trailers before leaving the factory to ensure travel safety. If you need a van semi-trailer business, you can consider using our cost-effective products.

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